Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Holiday is almost over...

Wow - time is spinning past me as fast as my new clothes dryer (yes, I have sat down and watched a cycle of my fabulous new machine. Just in time for winter.)

The girls are back at school on Monday and I start day one of my new life...

Part-time Bull Farmer  /  Part-time Writer!!

Did I just say that out loud to a back yard full of chickens? You bet your dime-store romance I did. Sure, they didn't react much but their clucking is sending out very positive energy waves.

I've done the planning and the research and have a number of projects to get through over the next six months. New full paranormal - gladiators are in my head and they won't shuddup - and a re-work of one of my earlier shapeshifter novella's that I wrote with 'Nocturne Bites' in mind and now feel a full novel coming along. It's a favourite of mine. The first time I wrote edgier paranormal and didn't treat my heroine so nicely (thanks to my critique partner).

Further plans are to write two novella's a month - crafted towards e-publishers - as a way to keep the 'pingas' ticking over.

Exciting, exciting, exciting. Now, the only thing I need to do is limit my time on blogs/facebook/email and make damn sure I churn out at least 3000 words a day. Piece of easter cake, anyone?


  1. Go, Tyree! Wow, if you can manage 3K a day, more power to you! Some great goals there and I do like the sound of a paranormal gladiator style novel! :-)

  2. Thanks Kylie and Leigh. I'm letting myself average the word count over a five day working week. If I start to average it out over a month I know I'll have to revisit the goal :) Thankfully my typing speed is over 100 words per minute so it isn't my fingers that slow me down! Web distractions do.