Sunday, April 10, 2011

DH has read the manuscript

Yes, that's right, my darling, the man of my heart, has read the complete paranormal manuscript.

This is a man who prefers to ride a bike, hike a trail, dance competitively and generally keep our family functioning properly - rather than read a book.

And the feedback from this wonderful, super-sexy guy  - "it's actually good".

"Wow" you say!
"Wow" I agree with you!

This simple but straight-up comment is incredibly important to me because, as stated above, DH keeps our family functioning. Particularly when I'm locked in my closet writing and I don't realise it's time to eat, or time to sleep, or time to dance. He keeps me on track while my mind is lost in a whole other world...

and if he knows it's worth it, if he knows "it's actually good"...

then I don't feel so guilty about the "home" work my writing also means for him. We're in it together - the writing is a partnership - and he likes my story :)


  1. Great to hear you have DH's growing support, Tyree! Bet you still feel all warm and fuzzy (and amazed you got that response from him - showing our families our work has got to be the hardest thing! Worse than a bad review?!?! LOL)

  2. You're so right Kylie - I've been nervous the entire time he's had it - constantly peeking to see what chapter he's up too. (BTW I was just visiting at your blog - great post about comp feedback!)

  3. I've been there - nerves and all. Doesn't it make you feel great?!

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Tyree! :-)