Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hol-mogoly Cow - I'm a blog intervieweeeeee!

Kylie Griffin has me featured over on her blog today. Weird!

Welcome to everyone visiting via Kylie's invitation.

Further background info - I'm a thirty-nine-and-three-quarters mother of two and step-mother of one. My eldest daughter is Aspergers and she definitely gets it from me (I absolutely DO NOT think in a very neuro-typical way and my social skills can dip into the inept end of the scale).

My heroines tend to be fiesty (my husband would probably say this is from me too) and my hero's are tough with a touch of honesty and integrity - thank the heavens.

I love being a member of the Romance Writers of New Zealand where I've met wonderful people like Kylie who - wonders upon wonders - speak my language.

I'm a member of the C2C chapter (central north island) where we have a number of accomplished authors and newby writers. Everyone gets support to the level they require and the meetings are fun and typically lively - especially when we're talking the technicalities of sensual scenes.

Thank you, Kylie, for the interview spot - and I hope you all enjoy your visit.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Homework Post the Post

If there's one thing I hate about starting a new manuscript - it's the Homework.

LOL - too much information!

I have fairies coming out my ears (oooh, that's actually a good idea, wait - a - minute - while - I - write - that - down (with a pen that doesn't run out of ink))

I need to type at about 1000 words per minute to keep up with the story in my head - and it's getting complicated. Frustrating much.

Gotta admit though - I'm probably more on edge because I'm waiting for the announcement of the finalists for the Clendon and the RWNZ First Impressions contests. I absolutely can't wait to meet Jessica Faust at the conference, and if I can win ten minutes with her I'd be over the moon.

Speaking of moons - and therefore shapeshifters - I'm about to take a break and pick up Nalini Singh's latest "Kiss of Snow" - just to get a different tone in my head for a while. I've been waiting for this romance - I can't wait to see how Nalini handles the age gap. Definitely a must read.