Monday, January 30, 2012

Two New Medicals

I'm Writing! So, I'm being very anti-social - big apologies now.

But I needed to get out of the bat cave and share these two great medical releases!!!!

NZ Writer Lousia George and NY Writer Wendy S.Marcus. Woo Hoo!!!US


  1. Hi Tyree!
    I'm writing, too. Or should be... But I can't seen to stop myself from hopping on and off the Internet. And what a nice surprise to see your kind words about Once a Good Girl... on FB and the mention here on your blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for spreading the word!

  2. I LOVED Once a Good Girl! I've read it twice :) I'll have to read Bought Together By Baby and One Moment to Become a Mum next.

    Are you entering the medical pitch, Tyree?

  3. Great to see you out of your cave Tyree we all need to surface for fresh air and sunshine some time.

  4. Hi Wendy - it's definitely hard to stay away from the internet :)

    Lacey! I haven't had time to read 'Once a Good Girl' twice yet but I think it's one I'll read again and again because of the humour. It's a great example of what M&B are looking for now. I've had a request from Lucy Gilmour (M&B London) for a new m.s. - so I'm frantically writing it and won't have time for the pitch - good luck with yours! I'll be watching from the sidelines.

    Hi Shirley - I'm hoping to get to the RWNZ C2C meeting but still can't confirm I have the weekend free - my fingers are crossed because I need some writing berocca :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's so exciting. I hope the writing's going really well for you. I'll keep an eye out for your call story :)


    Okay. Rant over. I've been wondering if anything came of all your hard work in NV. I'm so happy something has. Best of luck! I'm so happy for you!

  7. Oh Wendy! I'm sorry - I thought you might know ('cause you always knew way more than me lol). Actually, saying it here is the first time I've said it 'out loud'. I haven't actually told anyone until now. It came at Christmas Eve and I've been petrified ever since. I'm way too afraid I'm going to let myself down and not do it right. My girls go back to school this week so I'll finally have a quiet house to myself, to write.
    Hugs :)

  8. Hello Tyree!

    Thanks for highlighting this two fantastic books! I loved reading the fun, flirty and fresh Once A Good Girl and am now looking forward to reading One Month to Become a Mum!

  9. LoL to Wendy's comment! I thought I'd missed the big announcement and went looking for it. Now I know why I couldn't find it :)

    What an awesome Christmas pressie! If Santa's listening I wouldn't mind one of those next year ;-) I think every writer in your position feels that way, but I know you can do it. Your writing's fantastic. Your story's fantastic. You've got the goods to knock their socks off. Don't let the fear get the best of you :)

  10. Tyree! My first visit to your blog and you're blogging about my book! Thanks so much!!! And also about one of my favourite authors, the fabulous Wendy S Marcus! I just finished Once a Good Girl and LOVED it. Wendy always write such a funny, emotional story that tugs at the heart strings.

    So,what's this? A request from LUCY? WOW! You go girl! You can do this!
    All the very best, hugs and love, Louisa xxx

  11. Yay for the request!! Many congratulations and the best of luck with it :-) Also yay for a quiet house!!

    I loved Once a Good Girl, am a huge Wendy fan :-) Oh and her books are pretty good too!! Have just started One Month to Become a Mum and am loving the fab conflict already.

  12. Hi Nas - Flirty and Fresh is such a good description for Wendy's writing. I'm getting Louisa's soon (I won it from the Harlequin Medical Blog :) Yayee) - It'll be an afternoon treat for me to read after I've written a few thousands words and before picking my girls up.

    Lacey - thanks for your motivational words - I've printed them out for my wall.

    Hi Louisa - welcome :) lol. I hope your first release is going to plan. It's sooo exciting, though the promotional work must be keeping you busy! Hugs.

    Thanks Catherine - for once I've found that a noisy house hasn't been conducive to good writing - normally I can write through anything, but no this time. Quiet house - bring it on :)