Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finally - to the Bat Cave!

Okay - it's not really anywhere near as cool as the 'real' Bat Cave on the Batman TV series (i.e. it has no butler). In fact, the bat reference is more in relation to my love of vampyres, than a shout-out to Batman - but still - my little writing wardrobe is like a cave of sorts.

And, I'm back-into-it ... I'm-a-writing-liza. And, it feels good, da da da da da da da!!!

99% of bulls have gone out and they won't be back until January/February 2012! ergo -  I have major writing time and I'm not gonna waste a moment of it.

Over the last month of full on bull-pimping, I've been able to fully develop the 'New Voices' entry in my head with the characters now shouting at me to get written - which means that in my world -  all the moons have aligned and it's time for the BatCave.

As a small stop-over (not procrastination :) ) I checked out what's been happening on the New Voices Facebook page and caught a post by Wendy S. Marcus with a link to her blogpost about external plot devices - very timely!!  I was going to have Hero/Heroine meet again in hospital because of emergency and an outsider (fairy-godmother-anaesthetist) let slip that the hero wasn't leaving the country like she thought. Whoops! Have now re-thunk that plot point and changed to the hero confronting her instead (on a mountain biking course - but you'll have to buy the book to find out why :) ).

I'm so excited! - To The BatCave (and no more procrastination!)

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