Thursday, March 10, 2011

Down to business

I haven't been writing this week - aaaargh!

My whole body feels ting-ly - there's an itch in my writing brain that I can't scratch.

Life needs attention (for example, right now I'm at the Library with Daughter One, and pretty soon I'll be at Brownies with Daughter Two). Then dance training tonight because junior nationals is only five weeks away (I'm trying not to be a panicked mother but I haven't finished making the dresses yet), training again tomorrow night, full day competition on Saturday, judges workshop on Sunday...the list goes on.

So - my body tingles - and it'll just have to keep right on tingling-aling-aling until I get through this month.

Then...the real news...I'm finishing full-time work (with some pangs because I love my job) and I take on the wonderful world of part-time writer and part-time BULL farmer-ish thing-ee position-ee. Very, very excited - I'll be sending wonderfully big, strapping males out to service the girls of New Zealand (cows that is, in case you're not following me). I don't think it'll be grist for my books - not necessarily very romantic - but a good challenge to keep the brain well and truly ticking over.

Which reminds me, I need to go and buy some gumboots.  I wonder if they come glittered, or designed with music notes/buffy monograms...


  1. How difficult a decision was this for you, Tyree? When I think of going part-time it sends chills down my spine - the whole "will it work" visions fill my head and I wonder if I'll end up portraying the typical starving artist pursuing her craft.

  2. Kylie - you are far too talented and far too motivated, to ever be the starving artist! I follow YOUR blog for inspiration. It's weird how self-confidence is our biggest stumbling block. I'm hoping necessity will be my biggest motivator.

  3. It sounds like an interesting and challenging option, Tyree. Good on you for being brave enough to try it.