Friday, February 18, 2011

And now for something a little different...

A friend in need...

Callum, a Director friend of mine, had a dilemma. He needed to get together a pitch for NZonAir - three films. This required a one-page synopsis each and methodology around filming. Well, the methodology paper was all his to do, but the synopsis and story brainstorming that went with it - bring it on!

Talk about out-of-my-comfort-zone and lovin' it!

Idea's bounced around the room. High-fives were thrown (and sometimes met) when the ideas got very clever. Shouts of jubilation when a satisfactory 'fade out to credits' was reached (movie speak for the last shot - you probably know that).

All-in-all a very good time and definite energizer.

Gotta love the movies

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