Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Strictly Single - First Place

Oh Wow! I've won the RWNZ Strictly Single - absolutely brilliant.

I received a phone call from Sandii (competition coordinater in L.A.) on Thursday and the even bigger news:
I GOT A FULL REQUEST from the Editor Judge (Berkley Publishing, N.Y.).

As I've spent the summer break polishing my manuscript - which lead to a total revision of the last chapters - I'm now frantically reviewing my changes before I send them off.

Exciting times :-)


  1. So awesome! What is your book about Tyree?

  2. Wow, I missed this comment! (I'm a tad pathetic :) )

    It's about a halfling force (warlock, vampyr, were, fae) - fighting demon-kind.
    Loads of fun to write