Friday, August 27, 2010

RWNZ Annual Conference

The Romance Writers of New Zealand Annual Conference was on last weekend.

One word - Superb!

From the minute I arrived on Thursday night I was immersed in the romance genre and didn't surface again until three days after I returned home.

Workshops with Chris Vogler (Hollywood Script Guru), Stephanie Laurens (Historical Romance Queen), Natalie Anderson (Sexy Sensation), Nalini Singh (Paranormal Extra-ordinaries) , Dianne Moggy (HM&B), Laura Bradford (Agent), Alex Logan (Editor, GCP). Absolutely inspiring, approachable and generous with their time.

Successful pitch with Alex Logan for my urban fantasy and a successful cold read with Dianne Moggy (first chapter of medical ms has now been sent to HM&B - nervous wait - will they like my story arc???)

I'm on a high! Membership in such an incredible organisation is mandatory if you want to be a success in the romance genre. You can't beat 'face time' with the best of the best.

(Also spent the 'spare time' at conference brainstorming with my critique partner, Kamy Chetty. We have a big year ahead of us.)

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