Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thy Name is Procrastination

Updating a blog is worthy - surely - of some time from my day.

Also worthy were:

Housework, check out facebook, cleaning school uniforms to be put away for two weeks, tidying the attic, watch a movie (paranormal, which makes it homework (I still call Buffy homework as well)), check out facebook, build a website (been meaning to do that for a while), phone a friend, check out facebook...

Ok - so I had a day with no kids and I did everything but write...not good. I have a scene that's giving me trouble which probably means I need to "can it" and let the characters tell me what's next, rather than me trying to force my characters into something they don't want to do. Characters can get a bit bossy like that.

Tomorrow I'll get onto it, when I arrive home from the day job. Tomorrow I'll read the chapter out loud and see if that kicks me into gear. I bet it works. Of course I'll need to check facebook first.

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